Dealing with the problem of tobacco use – the #1 preventable cause of death – is something that we can all do:

1. Speak up.  Don’t allow smokers to selfishly endanger your safety or your children’s safety.  If a guest in your home wishes to smoke, ask them to take it outside.  The same applies to non-smoking areas.

2. Tell your elected officials how you feel.  Just a few minutes of your time can help convince your elected official to help fight against deadly tobacco-related health problems.  You can click here to look up your elected officials and send them a letter or email.

3. Educate your children.  Help your children understand why they should not start smoking.  Parental involvement is key in preventing children from smoking.

4. Talk to loved ones who smoke.  Help from supportive family members can be the key to quitting, so make sure that your loved ones know that they have your support – and that you would like them to stop smoking so that you don’t lose them to a tobacco related illness.