Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: Why do you oppose tobacco use when there are many other things that are bad for people?
A: It is true that tobacco is just one of the many things in today’s world that is bad for people.  However tobacco causes about 500,000 deaths each year, while car accidents cause only about 50,000 deaths each year, and criminal’s misuse of guns cause about 10,000 deaths each year.  In short, tobacco use is a leading cause of preventable deaths.  Worse yet, there is no good reason for tobacco use.  Unlike cars, tobacco does not serve the legitimate need for transportation.  Unlike guns, tobacco does not enable legitimate self defense.   Instead, tobacco serves to addict people to a deadly product, with no benefits in return.

Q: You support gun rights – how can you oppose my right to use tobacco?
A: I do indeed support the right to gun ownership, which you can read about on my other website.  However I see no conflict between my support for gun rights and my opposition to tobacco.  First and foremost, there is no “right” to use tobacco, while there is a constitutional right, and a basic human right, to gun ownership for self defense purposes.  Secondly, lawful gun ownership does not harm bystanders, while smoking causes harm not only to the smoker, but to bystanders (especially children).  Finally, I don’t wish to ban tobacco, as it would just cause there be a black market for tobacco the way there is a black market for illegal drugs.  But I do wish to tax it, and to ban tobacco use in public or in the proximity of non-smokers.

Q: I want to send you hate email because of your opposition to tobacco.  What is your email address?
A: My contact information can be seen here, although I would suggest against wasting your time sending hate email.  Firstly, angry email is likely the least effective means of persuasion ever used by humans.  If you wish to calmly debate the tobacco issue, then by all means feel free, but sending angry email won’t accomplish anything (other than to entertain me).  Secondly, I’ve not the kind of person who cares that some internet user is angry.  As a law student, I helped prosecute criminals in federal court, including some rather violent people whose families were sitting just a few feet away from me.  Since I wasn’t intimidated by such people, what chance do you think that you have?

Q: What can I do to help solve the tobacco problem in our society?
A: See the Take Action page on this website for way that you can help.