Addressing tobacco use in our society

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Quit Smoking Advice

Allen Carr, a British man who was able to quit smoking and help others to do the same, offers advice to help smokers quit:

Smokeless Tobacco is not Safe Tobacco

Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley speaks about legislation that would regulate tobacco for the first time ever and address a nefarious new product being marketed to children: tobacco candy:

Smoking While Pregnant Causes Over 18,000 Miscarriages Each Year

Smoking While Pregnant Causes Over 18,000 Miscarriages Each Year:

Gangrene Anti-Smoking TV Commercial

An Australian TV commercial depicting one of the less known dangers of smoking: Gangrene.

What Smokers Put into Their Lungs (and the lungs of those nearby)

This video clip shows exactly what smokers bring into their lungs, as well as the lungs of those nearby:

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The Mayo clinic, and smokers who have quit, discuss the many benefits that one can realize by quitting smoking:

Mayo Clinic: Why it can be Difficult to Quit Smoking

The Mayo Clinic, a world-leader in health care, discusses why it can be difficult to quit smoking. Luckily, the news is not all bad:

Every Cigarette is Doing Damage

This video clip discusses the various parts of one’s body that are harmed with each cigarette smoked: